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Oh the feel of that fluffy brush gliding over your face. It almost feels like a nice little face massage (from a kitty)! But are you aware of the possibility that the bristles of your brush may be from the sacrifice of an unwilling, undeserving animal? Makeup brushes are commonly made from squirrel, mink, sable, horse (sometimes called “pony” or “camel”), or goat hair.


Every year, millions of animals are beaten, drowned, trapped, gassed, electrocuted and even skinned alive to obtain fur or hair. Using makeup brushes that contain these furs contributes to the support of the fur trade. And the fur trade is NOT a good thing. The vast majority of animals killed for fur are raised on farms and kept in deplorable conditions. Animals that should be living in the wild are trapped in tiny cages where disease is easily spread, conditions are filthy and the animals meet an agonizing end.


If those reasons above weren’t enough to make you rethink your brushes, here are a few more things about why you should make the switch! Mammal hair or fur bristles are similar to human hair. They are porous and can absorb the bacteria from your skin. No matter how many times brushes made from fur are cleaned, that bacteria and makeup can still remain in the hair shafts of the bristles. This can cause skin sensitivities, breakouts and other more serious skin conditions.


Luckily, there are alternatives like our amazing 100% PURE® brushes that are made with taklon fibers instead of fur. Not only are they cruelty-free, but the material to make them is sourced from recycled plastic water bottles. These bristles are smooth and do not contain ridges or cuticle layers the way mammal hair and fur bristles do. This makes them non-absorbent, so they do not hold on to bacteria and old makeup. That’s right, antibacterial brushes!


This does not mean, however, that the taklon bristles don’t perform or pick up as much product, which is a common misconception. They perform just as well, if not better, than animal hair bristles. The other wonderful thing about taklon is that it is hypoallergenic. Have you ever used real hair or fur brushes and noticed how your face feels a little itchy after? It could be that you are sensitive or allergic to the hair that was used.


Now that you know about the benefits of cruelty-free brushes, let us introduce you to our collection of beautiful cruelty-free makeup brushes!

Powder F50:
What it does: Our fluffy powder brush is perfect for setting the face with our powders for an airbrushed finish.
How to use it: Swirl brush into desired powder and gently sweep across the face to set foundation and concealer. This one is great to use with our Bamboo Blur Powder or for a light to medium coverage of our Fruit Pigmented Foundation Powder.

Flat Kabuki F40:
What it does: The flat top kabuki brush effortlessly buffs out liquid and cream foundations for an airbrush effect, creating even and blended makeup application. 
How to use: Use the brush to buff our Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation or our liquid Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation into the skin in circular motions. Alternatively, you can use this to apply a fuller coverage application of our Fruit Pigmented Foundation Powder.

Contour F30:
What it does: The angled contour brush gives structure and definition to the face. 
How it works: Sweep brush into desired bronzer and/or contour powders such as our Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer: Cocoa Glow or Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer: Cocoa Gem. Apply to the hollows of the cheeks for a contoured look. This brush can also be used to apply your favorite blush to the apples of your cheeks or our luminizer to the tops of your cheekbones.

Blush F20:
What it does:
The blush brush is tapered towards the top to make applying and blending powdered blush easy, simple and flawless. 
How to use it: Sweep brush across desired Fruit Pigmented Blush color, tap off excess and swipe over apples of the cheeks. Can also be used to apply bronzer and highlighter.

Small Stippling F10:
What it does:
 This brush has two layers of bristles so it is excellent at providing control of coverage and layers of makeup. 
How to use it: Use the brush to stipple concealers or​ foundations under the eyes, around the nose and all over the face for even coverage. This brush helps to easily build the amount of makeup applied, so it helps when you need that little bit of extra coverage for any blemishes or redness.

Crease E40: 
What it does:
 The crease brush gives definition to the outer crease and contours of the eyes, while offering effortless blending to soften harsh lines. This eye shadow brush is soft and fluffy, so it is ideal for light color payoff and blending. Dip brush into your favorite Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow and in a windshield wiper motion, apply to the crease of the eyes. Remove excess eye shadow and use the brush to blend harsh edges and lines.

Flat Shader E30:
What it does: 
This dense bristle brush packs on eye shadows for ultimate intensity and pigmentation. 
How to use: Swirl brush into favorite loose or pressed eye shadows and pat onto eyelids. We love to use this one with our​ Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadows and our Palettes, especially the Mermaid Palette with its bright colors. Our makeup artists also like to use this one to apply concealer; it is the perfect size and density.

Smudger E20:
What it does:
 The smudger brush applies and blends eye shadows for an array of looks.
How to use it: It can be used to create the ultimate smokey eye with our ​pressed shadows, or to smudge out the lines of our ​Creamy Long Last Eye Liners. It’s also perfect for applying a bold amount of shadow to the corners of the eyes, or to blend more boldness into the outer edges of the crease.

Dual Ended Eyebrow Brush:
What it does:
 Tame and shape your brows.
How to use it: This dual ended brush applies color to the brow perfectly with its precisely angled-tip, and brushes hair into place with its spoolie.

Retractable Lip L10: 
What it does: 
Creates a precise lip product application.
How to use it: The brush has a removable lid, so you can take this one on the go! Great for use with our ​Lip Caramels, ​Pomegranate Lipsticks, and our newest lip product: Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipsticks. Simply take off the lid and place it on the bottom of the lip brush handle. This pushes the lip brush out. Use the brush to apply your fave lip product. Then, when you remove the lid from the bottom, it retracts the brush. Pretty awesome! 





Cleaning your brushes:

When was the last time you gave your makeup brushes a bath? Many of us are guilty of neglecting cleaning duty for our brushes. However, it is so important to maintain the cleanliness, quality and lifespan of your brushes.

You can use your favorite 100% PURE® Facial Cleanser (we recommend the Cucumber Juice Facial Cleansing Foam) to give them a good cleaning. After cleaning, squeeze as much moisture out of the brush and then reshape. Lay flat to dry or hang them from a brush tree so that the bristles are pointing down. Do NOT leave your brushes to dry with the bristles pointing up, as this can end up damaging your brushes. The moisture can gather into the base of the brush bristles and cause bristle fall out or damage to the wooden handle. Once your brushes are dry, fluff them up and get excited to put some makeup on!